Corporate Culture

Be committed to developing into the most vigorous industry leader with “international technology, international talent and international market”
Core Value
Credit, Responsibility, Diligence, Thriftiness, Learning
Responsibility: The staff should be responsible, active and result-oriented, and practise what he or she preaches. The enterprise should assume social responsibility, provide customers with high-quality products, create profit for shareholders, establish a platform for staff, and create value for society.
Learning is the source of power for enterprise development, and a way for enriching theory and experience and promoting innovative application.
Business Philosophy: Continuous Improvement, Credit, Development, Constant Progress, Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Development Concept
Sedimentary Accretion, Inheritance, Transcendence
In the development process, the experience and culture needs sedimentary accretion, accumulation, inheritance, development, transcendence and innovation.
In the face of fierce market competition, the enterprise development is like sailing against the current: either it keeps forging ahead or it keeps falling behind. Survival of the fittest. The continuous development is our eternal pursuit.

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